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November 07 2017

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My mindset is changing & I just don’t wanna be around certain things & ppl anymore. It’s part of me growing but people think it’s personal

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Got this little fuzzball 8 years ago today. He’s been in charge ever since.


if only circumstance had been kinder to us


I love being alone, but I love being with you even more


Difference between mind & heart: your mind tells you what the smart thing to do. Your heart tells you what you are gonna do anyway.

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hello internet please look at my cats cuddling on this fluffy chair


Grocery shopping with someone is an underrated form of intimacy

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When you just want to look at it, not cook it
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I hate how addicted I get to anything that makes me feel anything

I am not happy. I am not unhappy. I am frozen somewhere in the middle that is so much worse. I am nowhere. Nothing is happening and I am getting more and more sad.
— Samantha Schutz (via quotemadness)
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Clear your mind here

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Catty loves to stretch

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Evenings with cat pt ?

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